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Vacation 2004, Day 6.
Monday, November 1st
Queen Mary 2, Day 1

Today starts the first of five full days on the QM2. Life can be as leisurely or as busy as you want. I went the leisurely route. This means that I got up whenever I wanted and did what ever I wanted whenever I wanted. There were some scheduled things like dinner in the evening and shows and numerous other events if you wanted. Breakfast and lunch lasted for 3 and 4 hour long periods and you could go when you wanted. There were all kinds of other events, ballroom dancing classes, planetarium shows, movies both in the theatre and on demand on the television in the cabin, etc. etc. etc.. The first day, for most people, is used to discover where things are on the ship and to tour it. This is what I did.

One event that I paid close attention to was the noon navigation report. Each day, just after 12:00 noon the Captain along with one of the bridge officers would come on the ships P. A. system and provide weather and navigation for the past day and for the next few days. I have this information and will provide it here to give you some frame of reference as to the ships progress. I have also created a chart showing the ships position (approximately) each day at noon based on this information.

For those unfamiliar with nautical distances here is some assistance:
1 nautical mile (NM) = 1,852 metres or 1.852 kilometres (KM) or 1.1508 statute/land miles or 6,076 feet.
1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour.

Here is the noon navigational information for Monday, November 1, 2004:

Latitude 50°.11" North, Longitude 010°.37" West
188 NM (348 KM) Due West of Bishops Rock, the most southerly and westerly tip of England
90 NM (167 KM) South Southwest of Fastnet Rock, on the Southwest Tip of Ireland
Course: Great Circle heading of 279° at 26.7 Knots. (49.4 KPH)
Distance since Southampton: 416 NM (770.4 KM) Average Speed: 25.6 Knots (47.4 KPH)
Distance to New York Pilot Station: 2654 NM (4915.2 KM)
Depth of water under the keel: 1000 Metres or approximately 3900 feet.

Approximate position based on information above.

Weather Conditions
Partly Cloudy with good visibility.
Air Temperature: 13 C or 56 F.
Sea Temperature: 13C or 56 F.
Barometer: 1021.8 Millibars, or 102.2 Kpa, or 30.17 inches of mercury. Tendency: Steady
Winds: SSE at Force 4 on the Beaufort Scale or 16 Knots. (29.6 KPH)
Winds over the open decks: 19 Knots (35 KPH)
Sea Conditions: Slight with a long, low, westerly swell.

Today, as I noted above, was "tour the ship" day. What follows are the pictures that resulted from this tour. For continuity sake there are some pictures taken on other days included here to best show each area. On the outside pictures (the first group below,) there is a number at the end of most descriptions. If you click on that number you will be brought to the picture of QM2 below. This picture is labelled with the number at the end of the description of the pictures to show approximately where each was taken from (not of). In most cases it is a group of pictures but there are a few that are just for one picture.

We start at the bow or front of QM2. On deck there is a spare anchor. It weighs many tons. (1) A bit further back are 4 spare stainless steel propeller blades. Each of the 4 propellers has 4 of these blades.(1)
A closer look. Each one of these blades bolts on to a central hub allowing any one to be replaced if damaged. (1) This shows the mounting brackets were the bolts (probably not these ones) go to mount the blade. (1)
The bridge and decks 8, 9, 10 and 11 from the deck where the props are mounted. (1) Looking down the port or left side of QM2. This view is towards to stern from the bow. (Port is the left side when facing the direction of travel or the bow.) (2)
Now I am back near the stern facing the bow still on the port side. The large canisters behind the lounge chairs are 60 person life rafts. There were something like 75 of these all around the ship. (3) This view, from roughly the same spot as the previous one shows the location of my penthouse suite. It's the one with the wide balcony, 2 decks up, just to the right of the orange lifeboat/launch. (3)
If you could not find it in the previous one, here is a closer view of the cabin. It is in the middle with the wide balcony. (3) We have now made it to the rear or stern of the ship. This is deck 7 looking forward. (4)
Here we are on the back of either deck 10 or 11 looking to the rear (obviously). (4) I believe I'm on deck 12 here (almost the highest place passengers can get). This is the name located just below the funnel. It gives you some idea how large it is. (5)
Here are two views of deck 13. This is the starboard side looking to the rear. The brownish cloud from the funnel is the exhaust from the diesel generators 12 decks below. (6) Same place but on the port side looking to the rear. The raised section in the middle is the highest place passengers are allowed to go on QM2. (6)
The view over the side from the port side of Deck 13. After the first day nobody was allowed up here again because it got too windy and dangerous to be there. (6) The highest viewing location is in the middle of deck 13. (6)
The view from that lofty vantage point looking forward. From here you are actually three decks above the bridge which is on deck 11. (6) Looking to starboard rear from the lofty vantage point. These were probably the calmest seas that were to be had on the entire crossing. (6)
The funnel from the lofty viewing area. The shinny section in the foreground is the sun roof over the indoor swimming pool on deck 12 that can be opened if weather permits. It never opened this trip. (6) Shortly after the previous picture the sun came out so here is an other picture of the funnel from deck 13. (7)
The two Tyfon whistles. One is from the original Queen Mary the other is new. They are tested each day at 12 Noon. It creates a basso profundo blast keyed to low bass A. (7) The other whistle being tested. The steam is for effect. The one from the old Queen Mary used steam. Now they are both sounded with compressed air. (7)
What to hear them??? Click here!!!
This is a still video frame of a fishing boat that we passed about his time. As indicated in the position report above we were not too far from the British and Irish coasts at this time. (about 11:30 am). The main mast with all the radar antennas two decks above the bridge. (8)

The pictures above show most of the outside of the ship. Here are some of the inside....

When boarding the QM2 the first place you see is the Grand Lobby. It goes from deck 2 to deck 6. This picture is taken from deck 3 looking down on deck 2. The is space is not very wide so it is hard to get a full view. Here is the Grand Staircase or at least the top of it.
The dual glass enclosed elevators (or lifts if your British). The previous picture was taken from that balcony between the two lifts. When I first took these pictures I completely missed what is probably the most impressive item there. This is a bas-relief in bronze by Scotsman John McKenna. If you look closely you will see a clock in Greenland. The flowers are from QM2's own flower shop.
This is the ceiling of the Grand Lobby. What that actually is, is the floor of deck 7 in the Kings Court Restaurants. This was taken through the upper set of windows in the previous picture on the floor of the Kings Court Restaurants on deck 7 looking at the Grand Staircase five decks below. This picture is looking at almost the exact spot where I took the previous one from.
These next two pictures show the hall that goes from the Grand Lobby to the Britannia Restaurant.
A bit more of the same hallway.
This shows the two level Britannia Restaurant from the upper level. This is the restaurant I would have eaten in had I not been upgraded.
A view showing a bit more of the upper level.
This was taken from the opposite side of where the picture directly above was taken. Lunch was being served at the time.
The builders plaque in the shopping area on QM2.
This is the Queens Room near the rear of deck 3. This is where all the formal events that are hosted by the Captain are held. Every day, usually several times a day, ballroom dancing classes were held here. You could call it the QM2s formal ballroom.
Heading back towards my penthouse suite this is the "C" Stairway lobby on deck 9. Here is a close up of on of the elevator doors. Pretty ritzy eh....
Each deck had many of these signs to help assist you when your lost. It seems to happen a lot during the first day or two. If you look closely you can see the "You are here" indicator in the middle. Here is a close up up the lower part of the sign. As you can see penthouse 9060 is right beside stairway "C". Four of the other five of these cabins were located at the rear of decks 9 and 10, one on each side, facing rearward. The other one is 9051 opposite mine.

The pictures included here give you a pretty good idea of the public areas of the ship. There are several areas, such as the bars, the Kings Court restaurants, the shopping areas, and several theatre spaces that are not here simply because there size and/or shape made it very difficult to get reasonably good photos of. The quality of what you see here carries on through all the other areas of the ship not shown here.

Here is one of those pieces of trivia that is not too useful but interesting. At one of the gatherings I was at, the Captain noted that the QM2 gets 24 feet per gallon of diesel fuel at cruising speed. Since the ship is 1132 feet long it takes just over 47 gallons to move its own length. To extend this out farther, to do the entire 3084 nautical miles (5711.5 kilometres) from Southampton to the entrance of New York Harbour it would use something like 780,766 gallons of fuel. Wow!!!

In the evening of the first full day of the cruise the Captain has a cocktail party and you get a free drink (in my case orange juice). It is one of the first opportunities for those frequently present ships photographers to take your picture, this time with the captain. This is another one of those pictures that should not be reproduced.

This day ended (as did all of them) with an evening dinner in the Queens Grill Restaurant. It starts late and takes several hours so the evening ends late. So, off to bed.

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