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Vacation 2004, Day 4.
Saturday, October30th

Deciding what to do today became interesting because I got to a lot more places yesterday than I expected to. After thinking things over (this actually happened last evening) I decided that if the weather was good I would go for a trip on the London Eye Observation Wheel. There was a picture of it on an earlier page. Don't go rushing off to look, there is a picture of it in the group below. The weather this time was much better than the last time I had done it several years ago. Here are the results of the ride this year.

This is the London Eye. This looks very much like the images in the advertising materials. In this case it is not. I took this one myself. These are the "capsules" as they call them that carry the passengers. You will see this one again later in several different positions.
The whole object of this ride is the view. Here, just starting up, is a view looking east maybe northeast. Here, slightly higher up, and looking more to the north. The glass edifice in the middle is the Charing Cross Rail station.
Here is a similar view to the one above but much higher up. This picture shows the area just to the right of what is seen in the left picture and zoomed in closer. It shows "The City" as it is called with St Paul's Cathedral in the centre. The City is the financial district where the banks etc are.
This picture, of you all know what, was taken just as the capsule I was in went over the top, 135 metres or 443 feet up. There were strong reflections due to haze and sun angle on this side of the eye. Remember that capsule from before? Here it is as it goes over the top.
This view is looking west along the Thames. It was very hazy in this direction. There is that capsule again, this time as we head down the other side.
Here is a still frame from a video showing a bit of the inside of the capsule I was in with Big Ben in the background. This view is looking south. The large building in the centre is the Waterloo Rail station.

After completing the "flight" as they call it, I thought I would go over to St. Paul's Cathedral. I did and discovered that it is undergoing major interior renovations. Since they want big bucks, oh sorry, that is big pounds, (7 I think it was) to get in, I didn't go in. Since the weather was so nice I decided to go back to Kensington Gardens and Hyde park and spend a nice leisurely afternoon there. Here are some pictures from there.

Since it was a nice warm Saturday many people were out and about in Kensington Gardens. As you can see autumn is upon us. After all it is October 30th!!!
What would this kind of place be without lots and lots of birds?
Different angle, same birds.
It wasn't too hard to get a close up picture of these swans, if you had a little food.
You might think that this was staged. Actually it is a frame from a video and I just picked the best one.
More and more birds!!!
The Roman Gardens at the western end of Hyde Park and the eastern end of Kensington Gardens.

The text says:

The boy who would not grow up.

Sculptor Sir George Frampton R.A. 1860 -1928

This bronze, a gift of Sir James Barrie O.M. 1860 - 1937
the creator of Peter Pan was placed here
1st May, 1912

HRH The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
unveiled the plaque presented by the
Friends of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
1st May 1997

A bronze of Peter Pan.
The plaque is on the ground in front of the statue.

These were the final pictures taken in London. After spending a fair bit of time here I returned to the nearby hotel and got things ready for the trip tomorrow to Southampton and the Queen Mary 2.

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