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Vacation 2004, Day 12
Sunday, November 7th
New York City

I did not do too much today. The New York Marathon was on and I thought it best to avoid that. The hotel was just a few blocks from Central Park where the marathon ended and there was just so many people around that it was not worth going anywhere near it. Instead I went to Time Square, Rockefeller Centre, Penn Station/Madison Square Gardens and looked around Macys. In the evening I attended one of the first performances of the 2004 version of the Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular. Then back to the hotel.

Here are some of the images from this day.

Time Square looking north.
On one of my previous visits to New York I stayed in this hotel. I has a classy art deco interior.
A wider view looking north.
Something you don't see too often, almost no cars in Time Square. Mind you it is Sunday.
Here they come! Another wave of Taxies...
If you look at the Coke advertisement here and compare it to some of the other pictures it keeps changing. It is just a big video display board.
Toys R Us in Times Square. There is a large children's Ferris Wheel inside.
The Marriott Marquis hotel with all its advertising.
There seems to be half a dozen of these within a few blocks of here. We move now to Rockefeller Centre. The skating rink had just recently been installed and the ice resurfaced.
The GE building taken from 5th Avenue. If you watch the NBC Nightly News you see a picture similar to this each evening.
The lower part not shown it the previous picture.
This is the front of the GE building. The famous giant christmas tree has not been installed yet. Preparations were under way to do this. The GE Building is on the left with the sign for the NBC Studios that are located there. On the right further down is the sign for Radio City Music Hall where I would be this evening.
The New York Hilton Hotel where I stayed.
A closer view of the Hilton Hotel. My room was in the tower 6 floors above the convention centre part (with the sign on it) on the corner facing the camera.

As you can see there weren't too many pictures taken today. Most of these are places I had been to before. Today was a leisurely day (compared to yesterday and/or tomorrow) and I enjoyed the leisure.

Tomorrow Philadelphia...

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