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Vacation 2004, Day 10
Friday, November 5th
Queen Mary 2, Day 5

Today is the final day on the ship. Most of today is spent getting ready to get off tomorrow. All the loose ends are tidied up with this in mind. The meals are far less formal as well.

So here is our final Noon Navigation Report.

Here is the noon navigational information for Friday, November 5, 2004:

Some sun expected today. Waves about the same.
New York arrival information:
Expect to be at the pilot station at 4:00 AM, the Verazanno Narrows Bridge at 5:00, Statue of Liberty at 5:20,
the Battery at 5:30, and at the dock at 6:00. Sunrise is at 6:32 A.M..

Latitude 41°.19' North, Longitude 66°.21' West
This is 161 NM (298 KM) East of Nantucket Island
130 NM (240.76 KM) SSW of Cape Sable Nova Scotia.
Course: Runline heading of 249° at 20 Knots (37 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Noon Yesterday: 541 NM (1001.9 KM). Average Speed: 21.6 Knots (40.00 KPH).
Distance Traveled since Southampton: 2736 NM (5067.07 KM). Average Speed: 23.8 Knots (44.08 KPH).
Distance to New York Pilot Station: 348 NM (644.5 KM).
Depth of water under the keel: 60 Metres or approximately 192 feet.

Approximate position based on information above.

This was the position from the ships system at 1:19 P.M.
The round dot right of centre is the current location.

Weather Conditions
Partly Cloudy
Air Temperature: 11 C or 51.8 F.
Sea Temperature: 19C or 66.2 F.
Barometer: 991.9 Millibars, or 99.1 Kpa. Tendency: Rising
Winds: West by South at Force 8 on the Beaufort Scale or 35 Knots. (68.4 KPH)
Winds over the open decks: 54 Knots (100 KPH)
Sea Conditions: Rough with a moderate southwesterly swell.

One other piece of information that came from the last Noon Navigation Report came from the Captain who noted that on this day the QM2's sister ship the QE2 (Queen Elizabeth 2) became the longest serving express liner. As of this date it had been in service for 35 years, 6 months and 3 days. It was berthed in Funzo, Madeira this day.

As previously stated this is the preparation for disembarkation day. The main thing that happens is the Disembarkation Talk given by the cruise director who tells you all the who, what, where, why and when of getting off the ship tomorrow morning in New York. The sun did come out as predicted and I ventured out into those 100 KPH winds across the open decks to get some final pictures. The dress for this day was Casual which is described as, "For Gentlemen, no jacket is required, a collard shirt with slacks is perfectly appropriate. For ladies, a blouse with skirt, or slacks.". This is also how it is on the first evening after departing Southampton is done.

So here are some images from today:

This is what you call rough seas. Taken from the penthouse balcony on deck 9. Not too much activity on Deck 7 today. It is very windy out there.
Depending on the angle the sea does not look too rough.
The last balcony picture and the rough seas.
Here is a view of the waves from the starboard side on deck 7. This view off the stern was taken from deck 8. It was not to hard to blow away out here.
A view just to the left of the previous one.
If you remember how the wake looked like on the first day, you can look at this and see just how agitated the sea was.
This is from Deck 7 on the port side of the ship near the bow and shows the ship cutting through the agitated sea. From the same spot as previous one but with a different wave.
What appears to be a large container ship of the starboard side aft. We are not too for from New York now.
Some of the waves on the starboard side aft.
Another wave, from a still video frame, on the port side forward.
More waves port side forward.
It was so windy you had to really hang on. The wind was so strong, it was turing the propellers on the life boats. These two ladies must have been real gluttons for punishment. Even somewhat protected as they are, it was still very windy at that spot.

Later in the evening these last pictures were taken.

The Queens Grill Restaurant entrance way from table 51.
The view 180 degrees from the previous one.
This was dessert on the last night. I cannot remember what it was called. It may have been a chocolate parfait or Ice Cream with chocolate sauce. The group at table 51 minus me. In my place is Liz our super efficient waitress.
The same group with me in Liz's spot. Taken by Liz. With this being the final night in this lush accommodation I was so lucky to have had , I though one final set of images with ambiance was appropriate.
Sweeping to the right.
All the way to the right with me in the mirror again.

This concludes the final day on the QM2. By the time the last pictures above were taken my suitcase was way down somewhere in the bowels of the ship ready for the disembarkation process early tomorrow morning. The next pictures you see will be taken between 4:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. tomorrow morning as the ship sails into New York Harbour.

On to tomorrow and the Big Apple!!!

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