Les's Italian Vacation

October 2003

Well here I am again doing a web site of a vacation trip. This is the fourth one. This site covers a trip to Italy going and retuning via London, England. The trip started Sunday, October 5th, returning home on Thursday, October 23rd.

The trip consisted of a tour of Italy called the Grand Tour of Italy and Sicily. This tour was operated by Insight Vacations. The tour manager/director was Alison Gatt who was born in Malta and now has a little house in Hampton, England. Her father is Maltese and her mother is British. She made sure we knew that she went to the same school as Dame Julie Andrews of Sound of Music fame. There were 46 people on this tour not including Alison and driver Mario. It was the largest group of people of any tour I've been on to date.

As I've done on the other web sites, this is the place where I thank the people involved in arranging and contributing to the success of the trip.
First and foremost for her endless assistance I must thank Travel Consultant Colleen Renton CTC of Brant Heritage Travel Associates Inc. She has arranged probably the last 10 trips I've taken and has been extremely helpful with any problems encountered during and after these trips. I highly recommend her for these reasons. See below for contact information.
Secondly, I can also highly recommend Insight Vacations. This is my second tour with them (Egypt, last year, was the other) and both have been excellent. I should also thank the other 45 travelers, tour manager Alison and driver Mario for making the tour the success it seemed to be.
Even though I was less than thrilled with something that happened with British Airways I think that they are still "my favourite airline" which is a takeoff on an advertising slogan of theirs from a number of years ago when they said they were "the worlds favourite airline". At the time I think they actually were the favourite airline by some measure (customer satisfaction or number of customers whatever).
Thanks also to the Heathrow Airport Hilton Hotel and Brant Airlink Travel for the excellent services they provided.

I should also mention that I am creating this web site more than 2 months after returning and have forgotten much of the information. To fill in much of the missing info I have made extensive use of the data contained in the Frommer's Italy 2003 Travel Guide. It has proved invaluable to fill in the gaps in my memory. This paragraph has been added during the final web site editing process. The rest of the page was written in December, 2003. Additional thanks to Darlene Chabot for spending the time to read each page of the beta test version of the site. She corrected many punctuation errors and adjusted some backwards grammar she found. She really wants the title editor so; Editor: Darlene Chabot.

On the next page you will find a calendar for the month of October 2003. On this calendar you will find links to the individual days of the trip. You can choose the first link and work your way through the site with the next and back links on each page. Each page will also have a link back to the calendar page so you can go back and just choose the days or locations that interest you.

Here is a list of addresses and internet links for the people mentioned above:

Colleen Renton colleenrenton@galileo.ca
Insight Vacations www.insightvacations.com
British Airways www.britishairways.com

Originally Created: December 29th, 2003
Final Edit: February 20, 2004 9:02 AM