Italy Vacation 2003
Day 9, Monday, Oct. 13th

Today we start off with a brief trip to downtown Sorrento. After seeing a rather short wood inlay demonstration we had a look around the area. We then headed to the dock area where we caught the catamaran ferry to the Isle of Capri. Here are a few pictures of Sorrento.

This was taken from a bridge over a narrow gorge. When you looked over the edge you saw this very old Monastery.
Paula and Lloyd shopping in Sorrento.

We headed for the dock area next to catch the high speed passenger ferry to the Isle of Capri. The map below shows the short 20 minute ride to the island. The line is very close to the colour of the background of this page in the lower part near the centre.

The Isle of Capri is one of the prettiest places you might want to see. As you can see in the map above it is located 5 Km or 3 miles off the Sorrentine peninsula. There are three towns: Marina Grande, Capri and Anacapri. Marina Grande is the harbour area. Capri is directly above it on the hill and to the south. Anacapri is to the north on the highest part of the island. It is an incredibily picturesque place and may well be the most picturesque of the entire trip (although that's probably debatable). Once we arrived on the island, there was another one of those optional tours, this one called Explore Capri. This consisted of an escorted boat trip around the south end of the island, and then another mini-bus trip up to Anacapri. While working our way up the winding roads, we had to stop and I took what I think is the most picturesque picture of the entire tour. It gets special treatment below. Once in Anacapri we stopped for an included lunch and then headed to the town of Capri. We spent several hours there checking out the views, the shops and the people. Then we took the funicular (inclined railway) back down to Marina Grande and then the boat back to Sorrento. After taking a few pictures of the sunset from our Sorrento hotel, we had dinner and a relaxing evening. Here are the pictures of the sights above. There are so many it was difficult to choose but here's what I think are the best.

After arriving at Capri we immediately started out on the boat tour of the south and west sides of the island. Steven form Singapore and Chuck from Victoria, B.C. Canada enjoy the boat ride. It was fairly choppy. We bounced a lot.
This is a bronze figure of some importance but I cannot remember what.
The Sorrentine Peninsula from the boat.
The water is this colour all around the island. It's really beautiful.
Here we have sailed into a cave. There is some really important red coral there.
This rock face is on the south end of the island. The whole south end is like this.
After just coming around the south end of Capri here is a view of almost the entire west side. Anacapri in the distance, Capri at this end.
These three pictures show what might be called the famous Blue Grotto effect. The Blue Grotto is probably the most famous attraction on Capri. Light reflected certain ways (mostly from below) causes the water to look like this. It was quite pretty but difficult to get a good picture of. These three are still digital video frames.
These are the famous I Faraglioni rocks. It is said that the "blue lizard' once lived here. The tunnel in Il Faraglioni. It's said that if newlyweds kiss under here their marriage will last a lifetime. We went right through.
The Serpentine Peninsula as we round the southern tip of Capri heading back to the harbour. One of our mini-bus trips on Capri. We had to stop many times as the road are not wide enough to pass in many places.

We're at the point where we are heading up to Anacapri on the north end of the island. We had to stop for traffic much like what you see in the right image above. It was at this point that the picture that I really like was taken. Here it is in a large version below.

There is a bit of a reflection from the bus window on the left side but I still think this ia a really nice picture. This shows the Bay of Naples with the Sorrentine Peninsula in the distance and Capri's harbour in the right centre. The town is Marina Grande and the ship is called the Club Med 2. The boat tour we took earlier left the harbour (far right centre) and went out to the right around the far cliff. We came back that direction too. For the record, Naples and Mt. Vesuvius are just off the image on the left side.

Here's more of the pictures of this day.

The view from the terrace of the restaurant we ate lunch in at Anacapri. A view of the southwest side of the island from Giardini di Augusto, a park in Capri. That's I Faraglioni top right.
Looking northwest from the same spot. I guess it's one way to get down to the sea. Same direction as previous picture showing the shore line overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Shoreline looking south again.
I think this was called a Trumpet tree or something similar.
More winding roads.
The funicular (inclined railway) to the harbour. It's one track except here.

After arriving at the bottom we headed back to the ferry and back to Sorrento. The last set of pictures for today shows us arriving back at Sorrento, and some pictures taken at sunset from our hotel, the Corallo.

Returning to Sorrento.
The ferry we returned on with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.
Sorrento from the harbour looking east.
From the harbour looking west.
Sunset from Sorrento hotel. If you could see it, the sun would be just over Capri.
Mt. Vesuvius from our hotel this evening in this still video frame.

This completes this day, one of the nicest ones of the tour. Tomorrow we head north with at stop in Cassino, go past Rome and on to Assisi the town that St. Francis made famous.

On to Day 10.

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