Italy Vacation 2003
Day 18, Wednesday, Oct. 22nd

The plan for today had been to go into central London and see the British Museum. After checking the weather, things didn't look to good. The flight yesterday had not helped the cold that I had gotten on the bus tour and I wasn't feeling the best. I thought about it for a time and decided that I just wasn't feeling well enough to fight the iffy weather, an hour each way on the London Underground and more crowds of people. I decided to stay in the hotel and do some plane spotting.

Under normal conditions at Heathrow, I wouldn't have been able to see much but the wind conditions were allowing an unusual take off and landing configuration so I was able to watch many planes take off. If you are interested in airline spotting (looking for different airlines) or plane spotting (looking for different types of airplanes,) Heathrow is one of the best airports to do it at. Just about every major world airline flies to Heathrow so you get to see many different airlines and many different types of passenger airplanes. During this period of viewing I saw the second to last Concorde flight to New York take off. The British TV news programs were doing special reports all week about the retirement of the Concorde. Here are the last of this trips pictures.

The main entrance to the Heathrow Hilton.
The restaurants and bars of the Hilton.
Part of the view out my hotel window. The planes would pop up above Terminal 4 just after they took off.

Behind the wing of a 747 a Concorde is being towed to a hanger. This was two days before they were retired permanently.

The day didn't get much more exciting. I went over to Terminal 4, which you get to from the hotel through the long tube like walkway that you can see going from the right side towards the centre of the left lower picture above. I was there for a while checking on things for tomorrow and then came back and took the atrium pictures of the hotel and did more plane spotting. For the record, the most interesting type of plane to me is a Boeing 777, closely followed by the 747. The airline colour scheme that I liked the best was a very simple one used by Emirates Airlines (the airline of the United Arab Emirates). It used white, silver, gold, red and green in a very simple but effective way I thought. The one that impressed me the least was a very dark two tone green/blue combination used by British Midlands Airlines.

I was also watching TV during this time and as the day progressed I heard about an accident on the London Underground that would have complicated my return to Heathrow had I gone. Somehow, the decision not to go just seemed to have been right, perhaps a bit boring, but right. Nothing else really happened this day so we'll move on the the final day and the return home.

On to the final day, #19.

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