Italy Vacation 2003
Day 1, Oct. 5th, Departure

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This is the day that all the tour brochures describe as Day 1 of your tour, that is, the day you leave home.

Today started with a visit to our local church service at 10:30 am EDT. With all the events happening today most, of the packing was completed yesterday. After returning home from church and having lunch, the actual trip began at 2:00pm. with the departure for the airport using our local airport transportation provider Airlink. Arrived at the airport between 3:15 and 3:30. Checked in (all the way to Rome), changed some money (local bank didn't have any Euros), registered some items at customs (no local customs office) and cleared security with at least 2 hours to spare. British Airways flight 92 departed the gate pretty much on time at 6:20pm. We took off to the west, made a U turn to the south over Oakville and started heading east northeast up the St Lawrence River. Flew south of Montreal, saw all the lights, and recognized the area from having lived there some 38 years ago. The flight continued over the northern US, New Brunswick, just north of Cape Breton Island and south of Newfoundland (could see the coastline in the distance), and out over the Atlantic Ocean on just about a straight line to London.

Depending on how you measure it, the date changed to tomorrow at some point. Measured on Eastern Daylight Time, tomorrow occurred about 1000 Kilometres west of Ireland. Measured on British Summer Time, it occurred somewhere just east of Montreal. However you measure it, this flight concludes in London, England tomorrow.

Continued tomorrow!!!

On to Day 2.

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