October 2002
London, England / Paris, France
Edinburgh, Scotland / Tour of Egypt

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This years vacation trip ran from Saturday, October 12th, 2002 originally returning Monday, October 28th but actually returning on Tuesday, October 29th for reasons that will be explained later. The trip started in London England for 4 nights. During this stay day trips were taken to Paris, France and Edinburgh, Scotland with a day in between for some time in Central London. After this I flew to Cairo, Egypt for a 10 day tour that included a 7 night Nile river cruise from Luxor to Aswan and back with visits to may temples and tombs along the way. I returned to Cairo after the cruise and home on Tuesday instead of Monday due to weather related flight problems.

As I've done in the past few vacation web sites thank you's are in order at this point. First of all, many thanks to Colleen at the Brantford office of CAA Travel for her ongoing help during the planning, booking and confirmation stages of the trip. During this trip she also helped with adjusting the pickup time and contacting people when the return day got bumped 24 hours later. I wonder how often she gets calls from Cairo, Egypt? At the end of February 2003 Colleen moved from the Brantford office of CAA to Brant Heritage Travel Associates Ltd and can be reached at 519-759-1990 or through e-mail at colleen.renton@galileo.ca .

Additional special thanks to Fairview Photo Lab Ltd. (especially Ray and Bill) for their ongoing assistance and advice on many matters of digital imaging both still and video. All the images taken during this trip were shot with either a FujiFilm Finepix S602Zoom digital still camera or a Sony Model DCR-TRV510 Digital 8mm video camera purchased from and maintained (if necessary) through Fairview Photo Lab. Of the 252 images on this site 246 were taken with one of these 2 cameras. Image editing (as little as possible) and resizing was done using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and /or Adobe Premiere 6.0 not available from Fairview but suggested by them.

Thanks also to Airlink Transportation Services (getting to and from the airport), British Airways (for the flights and assistance with the extra nights accommodation and flight arrangements in Cairo), Holiday House (for the London accommodation and day tour arrangements with Golden Tours), Insight Vacations and their representatives in Egypt, Spring Tours. Our 2 main contacts in Egypt were Wael (in Cairo) and our tour escort Ahmed (pronounced Ackmed). Also thanks to the Movenpick Hotel and Casino, Cairo-Heliopolis for the extra unscheduled night in Egypt and Egypt Air for getting me to London the next morning. See below for links to many of these suppliers.

Web site information:
Supplier Web Address E-mail (if available)
CAA www.caasco.on.ca travel@caasco.com
Fairview Photo Lab Ltd. http://www.fairviewphoto.on.ca photoinfo@
British Airways http://www.britishairways.com/travel/home.jsp/home/public/en_ca
Insight Vacations http://www.incan.insightvacations.com/index.html
Egypt Air http://www.egyptair.com.eg/docs/home.asp
Movenpick Hotel Cairo/Heliopolis http://www.movenpick-heliopolis.com email@movenpickhel.

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