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This is the home page for the summer of 2001 vacation to China, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This site has now completed pretrip development.

Below is a map showing the general areas covered. The various coloured lines represent the air flights. The colours will also represent the background colours of the pages associated with those areas (accept for the black one).

The next page is a calendar showing the dates and flights. Each day has a page associated with it that contains a title with the following information: the day number in the trip, the date, and the location for that day. The next section is called "Expectations for Today". This section deals what what is expected to happen based on the trips itinerary and was created prior to departure. The last section called "What Actually Happened on this Day" will describe what did happen with pictures and text. See link below Credits to get to the calendar page.


Perhaps the greatest amount of credit for the anticipated success of this trip goes to Coleen at Brantford World Wide Travel. This trip went through so many convolutions in it's early stages that I'm amazed that she was able to keep it all straight. I had trouble keeping it straight! A number of times she went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve problems. Many thanks!!!!

Other Credits to Elete Orient Tours, Cathy Pacific Airlines, Goway Tours, Australia Pacific Tours, and Qantas Airways.

The images on this site were created using a digital video camcorder by Sony and a digital still camera by Fuji both purchased from and serviced through Fairview Photo Lab Ltd. in Brantford.

How to contact these people?
Brantford World Wide Travel 519-746-4420
Cathay Pacific Airlines www.cathaypacific.ca
Goway Tours www.goway.com
Australia Pacific Tours 800-290-8687 www.aptours.com
Qantas Airways www.qantas.com.au/index.html?region=us
Fairview Photo Lab Ltd 519-756-2942 www.fairviewphoto.on.ca

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