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Vacation 2008 consisted of 2 back to back cruises that started in Hong Kong, China and ended in Vancouver, B.C.. The second of the 2 cruises, which started in Kobe/Osaka, Japan was a repositioning cruise with the ship returning to do summer Alaska cruises. The ship was the MS Statendam, which I had been on before for the Hawaii cruise previously documented on this web site.

The trip started on Saturday, April 5th, 2008 and concluded on Saturday, May 10th, exactly five weeks or 35 days (whichever you prefer) later.

The content for this trip is a bit different than the previous trips. The web pages consist of documents that were created in Microsoft Word and emailed to various people while I was on the cruises. The last three were created and emailed after I returned. The content of these has not changed from the ones that were sent. Those of you that received the original ones will likely recognize these. Minor formatting adjustments were required when they were converted to web pages. I have also added navigation links to each of the documents so it should be easy to move from one to another.

Below is a list of the documents with the places and time periods that they cover.

Document (Page) Name
Departure from home
Flight to Hong Kong, China
Pre Cruise Stay in Hong Kong
Embarkation and Departure on cruise from Hong Kong
2 Days at sea from Hong Kong to Shanghai, China
Saturday, April 5th
Friday, April 11th
Two day overnight stay in Shanghai, China
Saturday, April 12th
Sunday, April 13th
2 Days at sea from Shanghai to Tianjin (for Beijing), China
2 day overnight stay in Beijing, China
Monday, April 14th
Thursday, April 17th
Overnight sail from Tianjin to Dalian, China
Day in Dalian
One day at sea from Dalian, China to Busan, South Korea
Busan, South Korea (also known as Pusan)
Friday, April 18th
Sunday, April 20th
Overnight Sail from Busan, South Korea to Nagasaki, Japan
Day in Nagasaki
One day sail from Nagasaki to Kobe, Japan.
Shore excursion in Kobe
Monday, April 21st
Wednesday, April 23rd
Departure from Kobe, Japan
One day sail from Kobe to Tokyo, Japan.
Day in Tokyo
Departure from Tokyo
Wednesday, April 23rd
Friday, April, 25th
One day sail to Hakodate, Japan
Day in Hakodate
Departure from Hakodate
Saturday, April 26th
Sunday, April 27th
2 Day sail from Hakodate, Japan to Petropavlovsk, Russia
Day in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
Monday, April, 28th
Wednesday, April 30th
3 of the 4 days at sea from Petropavlosk, Russia to
Kodiak, Alaska
Crossing the International Date Line
Thursday, May 1
Friday, May 2 times 2
Updates on Vacation Updates to come.
Last one sent from the ship.
4th day at sea from Petropavlosk to Kodiak, Alaska
Day in Kodiak
Overnight sail to Homer, Alaska
Day in Homer
Departure from Homer
Crossing Gulf of Alaska to Glacier Bay, Alaska
Saturday, May 3rd
Tuesday , May 6th
Day in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Wednesday, May 7th

Overnight sail from Glacier Bay, Alaska to Sitka, Alaska
Half day visit to Sitka
Final sail of cruise from Sitka to Vancouver, B.C.
Chocolate Extravaganza
My Birthday on the ship
Disembarkation in Vancouver
Transfer to the airport and flight home
Concluding thoughts.
In Appreciation...

Thursday, May 8th
Saturday, May 10th

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