Vacation Update: Update

This update is intended to update you on the progress of the two remaining Vacation Updates to come, those being numbers 10 and 11.

Number 10 is in process and covers Kodiak and Homer, Alaska. Number 11 covers Glacier Bay (yesterday), Sitka (which just happened this morning, that is, Thursday morning), and will probably include the trip to Vancouver (currently in progress) and maybe even the trip home.

Due to some logistics here, and, stateroom carpet cleaning here, and, packing of suitcases here, and time zone differences, it would appear unlikely that you will receive either of these before I return. (For you grammatically perfect people, that last sentence was written that way intentionally.) There is a possibility that #10 may get sent. If it does, it will most likely be too late for most of you to see it before I return Saturday evening. Number 11 will probably be sent after I get home.

Just to tantalize all of you, and to whip up all sorts of anticipation for what is to come, I have included a highlight or two from each place below.

From Kodiak:

It rained like this all day. It never seemed to let up. As we sailed, it was changing between rain and snow.

This aquarium at the Kodiak Fisheries Research Centre contains a collection of the local marine life.

This is an old World War 2 Liberty Ship.

It was converted into what was to have been a temporary cannery.
It is still there as a working cannery (the biggest in town) and would still work as a ship, if necessary.

From Homer:

I went on the Gull Island Shore Excursion. Something startled these birds and caused this mass flight.

A Sea Otter checking out the local area. He (actually, the sex is unknown) was probably checking out us in the boat watching him.

There are Bald Eagles all over the place up here.

This is just one. You will see more in the full update.

From Glacier Bay on a perfect weather day, clear blue sky with almost no clouds to be seen:

General view looking towards the Grand Pacific and Margerie Glaciers

The Margerie Glacier. The background mountains are 15 K away. The glacier face is taller than the ship.

The Margerie glacier calved (broke off a piece of ice) a number of times just for us (ha, ha). Here is just one.

This is the Johns Hopkins Glacier (in the centre, in the distance). Note various reflections in the water.

Glacier Bay is a U.S. National Park and has been for some time. A number of park rangers came on board and one of them told us that very few people ever see it this way, or this good. Apparently we were very, very lucky.

And from Sitka:

Sitka’s best known feature. The left mountain in the distance is Mt. Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano.

The Sitka Channel and part of the harbor.

The rest has not happened yet so it is rather difficult to include any highlights.

I will be back in Brantford around 9:30 Saturday evening assuming all goes as currently scheduled. I will see you church goers Sunday morning and the rest of you probably sometime on Monday. For those of you I do not normally see, we will talk again sometime soon.

The remaining two updates will be along when they are completed.

Les A.