Vacation 2005
, November 19th, Vacation Day 22 (The End)
San Diego to Home

Well, I guess all good things must come to an end and this is it for this trip. There are no pictures for this page for reasons described on yesterdays page so I will provide a brief description of the trip home.The flight back was two hops, one to Los Angeles and from there to Toronto. The airline was American with the short hop to L.A. being on American Eagle originating at the Commuter Terminal at Lindbergh Field. American Eagle has a flight to Los Angeles every hour on the half hour starting at 5:30A.M. and going to 12:30A.M. This flight takes only 48 minutes with about 30 minutes of it in the air.

The trip started at the Hilton San Diego Mission Valley at just after 9:00A.M.which was, as it turned out, earlier than was necessary but you never know these days in U.S. airports. It took less than half an hour to get to the commuter terminal at Lindbergh Field. I was there something like three hours before the 12:30 flight time. With the small terminal two hours would have been more than enough. I checked in then waited outside the secure area for an hour or so.

Around 11:00 I decided it was time to deal with security and went through that process in about 30 minutes. It was now 11:30 and still an hour to go before the flight. The plane was a bit late in arriving but not enough to cause any problems. It has been a long time since I have been on a propeller driven plane. The passengers boarded the Saab twin engine turboprop. It was full. It had one seat on the left side and two seats on the right with maybe ten rows. Around 30 people total. It was noisy but interesting. The flight was very good for a smallish plane and I was in the sixth row on the left or ocean side of the plane so there was not much to see.

Upon arrival at LAX or Los Angeles International Airport at approximately 1:20 P.M. (a couple of minutes late) the plane pulled up to a tiny terminal with about six gates and one floor. They only way to get to the main terminal(s) is by bus. There was a bus waiting. There were two bus routes. One to Americans Terminal Four or on to the other terminals. I, of course, wanted terminal four so took that one. It took about five minutes to get there. Once there, I went looking for which gate the flight to Toronto would be boarding at. Unfortunately all the monitors in the terminal that showed the destinations starting with the letter 'T' were not working. I finally asked and it turned out to be the gate right next to where the bus had dropped off. There was also a Burger King on the other side so with several more hours to spare I had lunch.

The final hop started at 3:10P.M. and was on time if not a couple of minutes early leaving as I remember. The flight was uneventful with the biggest part of it in the dark and above cloud. The first half hour or so was clear and the desert and Death Valley were visible. Then it got dark and with clouds below and there was not much to see until just west of Chicago when it cleared and there was a very nice view of Chicago and all the way to London, Ontario including Detroit, Windsor and Sarnia. The plane started descending towards Toronto just west of Detroit. We were late due to wind problems. The approach to Pearson Airport was uneventful, landing on the same runway that the plane I was on took off from three weeks before. The flight arrived a half hour late I think it was. In one of those strange occurrences, there was nobody in line at Customs and I went right through in less than five minutes. What a surprise!

Baggage was not as fast and it seemed like an eternity for the bags to start and even longer for mine to come out. The final Customs clearance was completed and then on to the Ground Transportation Desk. Check in with them and was on my way home fifteen minutes later. Because of the lateness of the flight which had been scheduled to arrive at 10:46 and did at about 11:10 I did not get home until sometime around 12:30 - 12:45. Home at last and the trip is over.

This was one of the most successful trips I have every had. There were no connection problems, few weather problems and all my internet bookings in Las Vegas even worked. It is too bad all trips cannot be like this one.

The next trip will be another Holland America cruise, this time from Vancouver, Canada to Fort Lauderdale, Florida via the Panama Canal taking place during the first three weeks of October 2006, only seven months from now. Wow.

So long for now!!!!!

Originally created: March 11th, 2006
Last Updated: March 18, 2006