Vacation 2005
The Cruise - San Diego to Hawaii

The next four days the Statendam sails from San Diego to Hilo, Hawaii. This is a distance of 2182 Nautical Miles,or 2509.3 statute (land) miles, or 4036.7 Kilometres. The crossing started with the departure from San Diego at 5:10 P.M. Pacific Standard Time last evening and continues until 9:58 A.M. Monday, Hawaii Time (11:58 A.M. PST, 2:58 P.M. EST) when we docked in Hilo. The average speed was 19.2 Knots or 22.08 miles per hour or 35.52 kilometres per hour. The next four days consist of sailing in what is basically a straight line to Hilo from San Diego (as you will see below). All there is, is water. There are a limited number of pictures since there is not much to take pictures of.

To speed things up a bit (both for those viewing this and me creating it) I have decided to combine these four sea days into one page. I will also do this for the five sea days during the return to San Diego.

I will start with a screen capture I have created using readings I took with a Global Positioning System that consisted of a Garmin GPS 10 Bluetooth Receiver connected to a Dell Axim X50V P.D.A. running Garmin's Cue software. These readings were usually taken twice a day, one after breakfast and one after dinner which would usually make then at between 9 and 10 A.M. in the morning and between 8 and 9 P.M. in the evening. The way point data does not contain the date and time so it is not possible to be exact with the times on this segment. By the return trip I had noticed this and so I started adding time data to many of the way points as a comment. After returning home I imported the data to Garmin's Mapsource program and created the screen capture below.

San Diego to Hilo GPS

The label, partly hidden by the "Wednesday Late P.M." label, at the upper right says "San Diego Harbour". The dot for it is just under the "W" in Wednesday.

Here is a brief overview of what happened on each of the four days of the crossing to Hawaii.

Thursday, November 3rd, Vacation Day 6
Cruise Day 2

Everything that is important (navigationally anyway) that happens on ships, seems to hinge around noon local time on the ship. It was the same on the Queen Mary 2 and QE 2. Here is some info for today: Position: 30° 37.0' N 123° 26.3' W. The weather by their description was Partly Cloudy with a Fresh Breeze and a temperature of 64° F / 18° C. This information comes from Holland America's Cruise Log that they give you at the end of the cruise.

Not too much happens for the first few days. I spent most of the time resolving internet connection problems. The whole internet thing was interesting. The Statendam is about twelve years old and as such has an older design. Live high speed wireless (or wired) internet is done from the ship by satellite. The satellite antennas are enclosed in weather tight domes such as the one you can see on the right in the picture below.

Mast and Satelite Dome

As you can see, the dome is very close to the mast. Due to the navigational geometry of this cruise it turned out that the satellite that the ship needed to connect to for the internet was directly in line with the mast. Another words, the mast ended up between the satellite and the satellite receiving antenna. This went on for three days (until late Saturday evening). Twice a day, for an hour, the captain would alter course just enough so the antenna could connect and internet be available. It was very busy during those times. They usually occurred between 8 and 9 A.M. and 4 or 5 P.M. but varied each day. It seemed to be a frustration to many people.

Here are a few more pictures taken this day.

Stern Nov 3 Wake Nov 3
The Deck 9 pool on the first full day.
The wake being created by the two propellers.
View from Bridge to Stern High Stern View Nov 3
The stern of the ship from the deck above the bridge. The white glassed area opened and closes to reveal a swimming pool below. The top deck has an overhang on both sides of the ship. Creates and interesting effect.
Towel Animal Nov 3 Side View Towel Animal Nov 3 Front View
Each night my cabin steward (who's name I cannot even remotely remember), would create some sort of animal out of several towels. Here is the first one from the front. I do not remember what animal it was intended to be.

Friday, November 4th, Vacation Day 7
Cruise Day 3

The crossing to Hawaii continued today with nothing too much different than yesterday. There was internet for two hours in widely separated one hour segments. The weather wasn't much different. So here is the noon hour info for today: Position: 27° 51.9' N, 132° 00.3' W. The weather was Partly Cloudy with a Fresh Breeze and a temperature of 69° F./ 21° C. Here are some pictures taken today.

Waves Nov 4 Bow 1
Bow Waves today.
More Waves also showing the mostly cloudy weather conditions.
Rear Deck Pool Waves Nov 4 Stern #1
The rear deck pool had not been filled yet. It was not filled for another day or so. Waves looking of the stern of the ship on Friday.
Towel Animal Nov 4th 1 Towel Animal Nov 4th 2
Today's towel animal was an elephant.
Front view of the towel elephant.

Sometime this evening or overnight we reached the half way point between San Diego and Hilo. Only two days to go!

Saturday, November 5th, Vacation Day 8
Cruise Day 4

The crossing continued uneventfully today. The weather got windier and the temperature got warmer. In the evening full time high speed internet became available. Otherwise not much happened. There were things going on like bingo's, the casino, and sales at the onboard shops amongst others. Not much of this interested me. Todays noon hour info indicated we were at 25° 01.1' N, 140° 11.6' W. The weather was partly cloudy with a strong breeze and a temperature of 75° F / 24° C. Things were so exciting that during the afternoon I created the very first page of this web site this day. Here are some pictures taken today.

Waves from Starboard Side Stern Waves From Port Side Stern
More waves aft of the ship. This one taken from the starboard (right side relative to the direction of travel). This from roughly the same spot but on the port (or left side) of the ship.
Lido Pool through open roof #1 Lido Pool through open roof #2
Here is the Lido deck pool taken through the partly open moveable roof. This is looking aft (or towards the rear) of the ship. Same pool as left picture but looking forward towards the bow.
Lodo pool from aft Lido deck. Towel Animal Nov 6
Same pool again this time from on the Lido deck looking aft. Today's towel animal was this nasty looking scorpion.

Sunday, November 6th, Vacation Day 9
Cruise Day 5

This morning the ship was twenty-four hours from Hilo with most people looking forward to the arrival tomorrow morning. Not much different happened today than yesterday. Today's noon hour information indicated that the ship was located at 22° 09.9' N, 148° 14.2' W. The weather at noon was partly cloudy with a fresh breeze and a temperature of 77° F / 25° C. The weather was improving as the ship approached Hawaii. The afternoon was just about as exciting as yesterdays so I created the second page of this web site. Things must have gotten more exciting because I didn't do another page until a month or two after getting back. Here are some of the pictures taken on the last day before Hawaii.

Waves Deck 6 Nov 6 Starboard More waves deck 6
Sea and weather conditions from the port side of deck 6.

More conditions from the starboard side of deck 6.

Wake Nov 6 from Stern Deck 6 Towel Animal Nov 6th
The wake (again) from the closest place passengers could get to it on deck 6. Todays towel animal was the nifty looking Manta Ray. The eyes are the complimentary chocolates that were usually left on your pillow each evening.

This completes this page dedicated to the crossing from San Diego to Hilo, Hawaii. It has covered the four days it took. The next five pages will deal with each of the five stops in the Hawaiian Islands. The stop in Hilo is the one I am most anticipating as I am taking a tour to the astronomical observatories on the summit of the extinct Mauna Kea volcano. Astronomy is something that has always interested me.

On to Hilo!!!

Originally Created: January 27th and 29th, 2006.
Last Updated: March 15, 2006