Vacation 2005
, November 18th, Vacation Day 21
Second Day in San Diego

The main activity for today was to see the Famous San Diego Zoo, which is located in Balboa Park. My hotel was not the best placed for this, but I liked it, even though it was not as good convenient wise. The day started out with the taking of some views out my hotel window.

Hotel Window Composite

This is a somewhat less than perfect three picture composite image taken from my hotel room window. It shows almost the entire view that I could see out of the window.

Car Dealer Baloons 1

This picture shows one of the car dealers just left of centre in the composite above. I thought that these two arches of balloons are something that you do not see everyday.

The next event was a taxi ride to the zoo. It seems to me that it cost about $15.00. I spent something like four hours there and took many pictures. I have included some of those below. Note that these pictures are in no specific order other than all the ones of the same group of animals are together. The zoo is themed into habitat areas where the different species that normally live together are together except for the ones that are predatory. I am quite sure that I have not kept these groups together here.

Snake 2 Snake 1
A very large yellow snake.
The back end of the same very large yellow snake.
Tortus 1 Tortus 2
Ok, which ones are the tortoises and which ones are the rocks? Most of the tortoises are in front of the tree an have legs. Most of the rocks are around the tree and do not have legs.
A close up of one of the tortoises.
Tortus 3 Flamingos 1
Few rocks here, they are all tortoises.
A colourful flock of Flamingos.
Lizzard 1 Monkeys 1
I believe that this is a Kimono Dragon
See the monkeys in the middle of the picture?
Monkeys 2 Monkeys 3
You cannot see it here but there is a baby monkey behind this group. He would not come out to get his picture taken.
More fun and frivolities in the monkey enclosure.
Panda 1 Panda 2
The San Diego zoo is one of the few places that have Giant Pandas on display. Here is one. I think this one is sleeping. I waited a little while and one of the other ones decided to go for a stroll.
Panda 3 Panda 4
You would almost think this one was posing for his picture.
Here is another one sleeping in a tree.
Hippo 1
Here is something a bit more common but still in danger, a hippopotamus. A closer view of the hippos head. It is resting on a rock.
Hippo 3 Croc 1
Here is a full unobstructed view. I came by here maybe an hour later and he/she had completely disappeared. Hard to believe for something so large. A crocodile. If I could remember from my trip to Northern Australia I could tell you if it was a salt or fresh water crocs.
Zebra 1 Deer1
A zebra posing for his/her picture.
I named these deer but I suspect that they are more likely antelope or similar.
Polar Bear 1 Polar Bear 2
It was pretty warm in San Diego this day so this polar bear was in the shade and very drowsy.
A closer view.
Polar Bear 3 Elephant 1
Here is another polar bear in a different part of the enclosure. The weather was more suitable for this fellow. He is playing with a hanging plastic barrel.
Elephant 2 Elephant 3
Different elephant going for a stroll.
Same one as above posing for a picture.
Giraffe 1 Giraffes 4
Three giraffes around the feeding pole, one way in the back. The one that is way in the back in the previous picture checking out some visitors and posing for a picture.
Giraffes 3 Giraffes 5
Mother Bahati and nine day old Hodari in their special enclosure. See sign below for details.
A slightly different view of mother and son.
Giraffes 6 Rhino 1
Details about the giraffes. Amani is the centre one in the group, two pictures above this one. One of the others there I believe is Abby. The last zoo picture, a sound asleep Rhinoceros. Good thing, he looks pretty mean.

After the zoo I went, again by taxi, to a shopping mall in the Mission Valley where I was staying and looked around there and then walked the short distance back to the hotel. After returning to the hotel I noted the the car dealers balloon arch was not doing so well and took a picture. Here is that picture along with a few others.

Car Dealer Balloons 2 Road to Escondito
The wind had come up and the car dealers arch of balloons was not doing so well. This is the road to Escondito, known as having Lawrence Welk's best known resort located there.
Airplane over San Diego There were many, many vapour trails in the sky over San Diego. I do not know where they were all going but there were lots of them.

In the evening some adjustment to the suitcase packing was required. I also noticed a nice view of the moon as it set. (I cannot remember if it was rising or setting when I took these). They are not the best quality but they are a good representation of how it looked. These were all taken between 7:10 and 7:14P.M.

Moon over San Diego PM 1 Moon over San Diego PM 2
I did not have a tripod so it was hard to hold the camera still enough to get these.
Probably the best tighter shot of the group.
Moon Over San Diego PM 3 Moon Over San Diego PM 4
A very obvious drape reflection shows here.
I think I turned all the room lights off for this one.

The right picture above is the very last picture taken on this trip. Due to the logistics of the large camera I have it is not easy to use it when flying or on other forms of travel other then cruise ships. I have resolved this with a new additional small camera that can be used in this situations if need be on future trips.

After all this I went to bed, hoping to have a good sleep in preparation for the longish travel day tomorrow.

On to tomorrow and the return home.

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