Vacation 2005
Sunday, October 30th, Day 2
Las Vegas, Day 1

The main focus of this day was to pickup and confirm all the internet bookings that I had done before leaving home. These included tickets to Celine Dion's show at Caesars Palace, 2 helicopter tours, another show and a bus tour to Hoover Dam. By midmorning the bus and helicopter tours were confirmed and not too much later so were the rest. The rest required going to the hotels/theatres involved and picking up the tickets. This was combined with the first trip out to Las Vegas Blvd. South and going to these places as well as sightseeing of course. The Luxor Hotel is located almost at the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard with only the Mandalay Bay further south. The pictures work north from the Luxor. Here are some of the pictures taken on that first trip out on the first day of the trip.

Excaliber Daytime NYNY Daytime
This is the very first picture taken on the trip. It is the Excalibur from the back entrance to the Luxor. A little further up the street is New York, New York, designed to give you a feel of the city of New York in one large city block.
MGM Grand Daytime Paris Daytime 1
Across the street from New York, New York is the MGM Grand. Here is Paris with part of the Aladdin in the foreground right.
Mirage Daytime 1 Las Vegas BVLD Daytime
I wasn't very impressed with Caesars Palace so I went by it and ended up here at the Mirage with its fountain that once blasted fire out of the top like a volcano but does not anymore. (The gas for the fire cost too much, even for them.) Here is a view looking north up Las Vegas Boulevard. I didn't go beyond the foot bridge over the road in the picture. The tower in the distance is the Stratosphere. On the right is the large sign for the Venetian.
Venetian Daytime 1 Venetian Daytime 2
Here are several shots of the Venetian with its canal and replica of St Marks Tower. In the background left is Harrah's and right is Caesars Palace. Here is a lower view showing the canal better.
Venetian Daytime 3 Bellagio Daytime 1
Another view of the canal bridge with the Mirage background centre and Caesars background left. As I worked my way back up towards the Luxor I took this picture of the Bellagio. This has the fountains in front as you will see below.
Luxor Daytime 1 Luxor Daytime 2
Once I made it back up to the Luxor, I took several pictures of it. My room was at the bottom of the east tower facing the west tower. The east tower is one on the right side of the obelisk. You can just see the west tower on the left side of the obelisk. In this picture my room would be located right behind the obelisk. Here is the main entry to the Luxor. The entrance is into the base of the pyramid which is to the right (or back end) of the sphinx. You can see it in the previous picture.

After returning to the hotel I checked out everything and decided all was well. This seemed like a good time to get some pictures of the inside of the Luxor pyramid. Here are a several of them.

Luxor Pyramid Interior 4 Luxor Pyramid Interior 1
This gives a good view of the Egyptian decor in the pyramid. This shows the floors with the rooms on them on the sides of the pyramid. The four enclosures going up to the top are elevator like devices called inclinators. I did not get a chance to try one because my room wasn't in the pyramid.
Luxor Pyramid Interior 2 Luxor Pyramid Interior 3
This is the entrance to the casino. It is directly inside the main entrance and the sphinx was directly behind me when I took this. This is the check in area. It is just to the right of the main entrance. My room was down a corridor to the left and a ways behind me.

So, was by this time evening was approaching I went out to get another set of pictures, this time as the sun set and early evening. In this set of pictures you will see some of the same places as above, but at night (or twilight).

Caesars Palace Twilight 1 Caesars Palace Twilight 2
Caesars Palace early evening.
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. This is where Celine Dion's show A New Day is presented. It seats 4000 people.
Bellagio Fountains 1 Bellagio Fountains 2
The famous fountains to music at the Bellagio. Music plays with the fountains in sync. Here is another shot. I am an the right side if you were facing the hotel. (The right side of the left picture 2nd below.)
Ballagio Fountains 3 Bellagio Fountains 4
More pictures showing what the fountains are capable of.
Here is an even more impressive one.
Ballagio Twilight 1 Las Vegas Blvd North Twilight
The Bellagio at twilight. The fountain pictures above were taken from a position to the right of, but not in this picture. Here is a twilight shot north along Las Vegas Blvd, similar to the daytime one above. This likely would have been better taken a bit later but time did not permit that.
Paris Nighttime 1 Paris Aladdin Nighttime 1
Here is Paris with its Eiffel Tower and balloon with Ballys in the background. A bit further south this one showing the Aladdin as well as Paris.
NGM Grand Nighttime 1 MGM Nighttime 2 (Lion)
Here is the MGM Grand at night. I think this is one of the most impressive nighttime "looks" of any of them. Here is a closer view of the MGM Grand's lion.
New York New York Nighttime Ecalibur Nighttime
New York, New York at night.
Excalibur at night.
Luxor Pyramid Nighttime 1 Luxor Nighttime 2
The Luxor pyramid with its high intensity lights projecting up into the night. The lights on the side of the pyramid move up and down all the time. The mark in the sky, left of the light beam is a lens flare in the cameras lens. Here is a wider shot showing the East tower and more of the front.
Luxor Nighttime 3 The last shot for today shows the sphinx with the Mandalay Bay hotel in the background.

After these pictures were taken, I went back down to Caesars Palace to see Celene Dion's show A New Day. Needless to say, no cameras or recording equipment of any kind were allowed there. In fact, there were metal detectors (like at airports) there and any one who set one off was searched. Any cameras found were confiscated. Needless to say I did not take mine. I don't know if they got them back after words or not.
The show itself was very impressive using all sorts of high tech special effects (like High Definition TV) in different ways. Even though I am not much of a Celene Dion fan I still found the show very impressive. She is on for about an hour and a half of the hour and forty-five minute show and is very intense most of her time on stage. I doubt many people could keep that level of intensity up for four or five shows a week.

After the show I returned to the Luxor and went to bed as it was sometime after 11:00 Pacific time.

Tomorrow: the two helicopter flights are the highlights.

On to day 3.

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