Vacation 2005
The Cruise - Hawaii to San Diego

The ship sailed from Hawaii last evening with our departure from the Kilauea Volcano area at 11:34P.M. heading to the northeast. This course will take us to San Diego with a four hour stop in Ensenada, Mexico, which is only sixty nautical miles south of San Diego. The reason for the stop in Ensenada is two fold. One is, to make the shops on the ship Duty Free, the ship has to stop in at least one foreign country, even if it is for only four hours. This is required by something called the Jones Act. Since Hawaii is part of the U.S. it does not qualify. The second reason is to dispose of the garbage. Dumping (or tipping) fees are much less there. For almost the entire four hours the crew was unloading garbage into a dumpster. There were many used. You will see this in the pictures once the ship arrives at Ensenada (way down at the bottom of this page).

The image below is the route the ship took during the return trip as measured with my G.P.S. system. Basically it is a straight line from Hawaii to Ensenada. Again, as in the other part of the cruise the Global Positioning System readings were usually taken twice each day, morning and evening.

Gps Map Hawaii to San Diego

As on the other cruising page there will be a brief description of the weather and the ships position at noon ships time in each days description. Here we go.........

Saturday, November 12th, Vacation Day 15
Cruise Day 11

Todays noon facts are as follows: Position, 20° 35.6' N, 151° 17.8' W. The weather was Partly Cloudy with a Fresh Breeze and a temperature of 77°F / 25°C. Since the ship had only left Hawaii at 11:34 last night we are no too far along as yet. Here are some pictures from today.

Sea 1 Nov 12 Sea 2 Nov 12
Todays Sea and weather conditions in pictures.
Waves on the starboard side of the ship.
Sea 3 Nov 12 Sea 4 Nov 12
More waves and weather.
The last waves and weather for today.
Dining Table 1 Dining Tape 2 Nov 12
The next pictures show some of the members of table 134 at the 6:15 (Early Lower, Deck 7) seating for dinner in the Rotterdam Dining Room. These two were adopted daughter and mother. I cannot remember the names. (P.S. after some further thought I think their names may be Shawn and Ronnie.) These three are Theresa, Mary and I think it was Bob. Not too sure about that last one and I may have Theresa and Mary reversed but I know for sure that that was these two ladies names.
Dining Table 3 Nov 12 Waiters Nov 12
Theresa, Mary and I cannot remember the gentleman's name. Our two waiters. The assistant and the main waiter for our table. These gentlemen were there all 15 nights.
Towel Animal 1 Nov 12 Towel Animal 2 Nov 12
Here is todays addition to the towel animal menagerie.
A side view.

Sunday, November 13th, Vacation Day 16
Cruise Day 12

Todays noon hour info is as follows: Position: 23° 05.1' N, 143° 49.4' W. The weather was partly cloudy with a strong breeze and a temperature of 75° F/ 24° C.

Sea 1 Nov 13 Sea 2 Nov 13
A bit rougher sea today.
There was also a lot more wind.
Sea 3 Nov 13 Sea 4 Nov 13
The view from port.
The view from Starboard
Lobby Fountain Nov 13 Towell Animal 1 Nov 13
This two picture composite shows the main lobby/atrium fountain that only ran on the day we embarked. It was never run again. Later in the cruise it was throughly cleaned. Todays towel animal. What do you think? A rabbit maybe???
Towel Animal 2 Nov 13
Towel animal, take two.

Monday, November 14th, Vacation Day 17
Cruise Day 13

Todays Noon info follows: Position: 25° 39.8' N, 135° 59.9' W. The weather was Mostly Cloudy with a fresh breeze and a temperature of 68° F / 20° C. Today is a big day. Late this evening is the Statendam's Dessert Extravaganza. Desserts for every taste. See pictures below to wet your sweet teeth or tooth if you prefer or have just one. The first four pictures are of todays sea conditions then on to the sweets.

Sea 2 Nov 14 Sea 1 Nov 14
Todays sea state. A bit rougher again. Can you see the small mark in the centre?
Here is an enlargement from the centre of the previous image. I have no idea what it is.
Sea 3 Nov 14 Sea 4 Nov 14
Bigger bow waves today. Here are a couple of examples.
Another bow wave.
Dessert Extra 1 Nov 14 Desert Extra 2 Nov 14
We now move to 10:30 P.M. and what many of you have been waiting for, the Dessert Extravaganza. Here is the cake book and ice sculpture. One half of the display. The previous picture was in the middle of this table. There was another entire display this size on the other side of the Lido Restaurant.
Dessert Extra 3 Nov 14 Desset Extra 4 Nov 14
Here are some closer views of various sections of the two displays in no particular order. Most of the items on the raised pedestals were edible. Samples were available later.
Dessert Extra 5 Dessert Extra 5 Nov 14
More deserts. Neil C. eat your heart out.
Closer view of a dessert.
Dessert Extra 7 Nov 14 Dessert Extra 8 Nov 14
...and more...
Dessert Extra 9 Nov 14 Dessert Extra 10 Nov 14
...and even more...
Dessert Extra 12 Nov 14 Dessert Extra Nov 14
An overall view of one of the displays.
After a period of display samples were available. I did not try any as it was now 11:30 P.M. and I would not have been able to sleep if I had any.
Dessert Extra 14 Nov 14 Dessert Extra 11 Nov 14
The time did not deter many people, just me. They could have at least done it a bit earlier in the evening. A final view of the centre piece on the opposite side from above.
Lido Pool 1 PM Nov 14 Lido Pool 2 PM Nov 14
Next are a couple of nighttime pictures of the Lido swimming pool.
Lido pool, slightly different angle.
Towel Animal 1 Nov 14 Tovel Animal 2 Nov 14
Todays towel animal, a peacock maybe?
Front view of the probable peacock.

Tuesday, November 15th, Vacation Day 18
Cruise Day 14

The noon hour info for today has us at position 28° 16.4' N, 128° 16.4 W. The weather was overcast with a strong breeze and a temperature of 68° C / 20° F. Today had the worst sea conditions of the entire cruise. They were not half as bad as the ones on the Queen Mary 2s transatlantic crossing last year. There was another culinary highlight today. At dinner this evening was the Baked Alaska Parade. See further below for pictures. First of all, the sea conditions.

Sea 1 Nov 15 Sea 2 Nov15
It does not look too rough here. There was a bit more motion than you would think. The weather being what it was there was not too much activity on the outside decks today.
Lido Pool 1 Nov 15 Lido Pool 2 Nov 15
The Lido pool in daylight with the large chess set awaiting some players. The Lido pool had this tendency to really react to just about any ship motion. It really got going this day.
Lido Pool 3 Nov 15 Terrace Grill Nov 15
Here is another example. I thought that they had the pool a bit too full for the sea conditions. This is the Terrace Grill. Most days, when I had lunch on the ship, this was where I had it. The cook there made great burgers, better than anything you could get at a fast food place. It was located by the Lido pool (just off the far right side of the previous picture).
Lido Rest. 1 Nov 15 Lido Rest 2 Nov 15
This is what the Lido Restaurant looked like when it was not covered with delicious desserts. Another view of the Lido Restaurant minus the desserts.
Ice Sculpture 1 Nov 15 Ice Sculpture 2 Nov 15
There was a presentation by various crew about how different culinary items were made. One was ice carving. Here is the block of ice before the chef started work on it. Here is the finished carving. The two people working on this had to keep avoiding the splashing water from the pool to complete this.
Dining Table 1 Nov 15 Baked Alaska Parade 1 Nov 15
These were the final two gentlemen at my table. Wes on the left and I have had another memory failure for the one on the right. I do remember that he was one of the gentlemen dance hosts on this cruise. The picture I took of these two a couple on nights ago did not turn out well so here it is this evening much better. There seems to be a tradition on cruise ships that on the last formal night of the cruise there is the Baked Alaska Parade. The waiters, all carrying at least one Baked Alaska, march in to music.
Baked Alaska Parade 2 Nov 15 Baked Alaska Parade 3 Nov 15
Here you can see one of the waiters carrying his Baked Alaska. They all have sparklers in them. Here is our waiter with his two Baked Alaskas. He had two because he had several tables that he had to serve them to. One of the sparklers had burned out before he got to here.
Baked Alaska Parade 4 Nov 15 Baked Alaska Parade 5 Nov 15
Here is our waiter and his Baked Alaskas. By this time both sets of sparklers had gone out. I did not think this was the best Baked Alaska I had ever tasted. I think my mothers are better. Part of this process is to thank the kitchen staff that have served us so well on the cruise. Here are a group of the chefs.
Towel Animal 1 Nov15 Towel Animal 2 Nov 15
Help!!! There is a snake in my bed!!!!
It is a good sized one to.

Wednesday, November 16th, Vacation Day 19
Cruise Day 15

Here is the last noon hour info of the cruise. Todays position was not recorded. The weather was good with a mostly cloudy sky and a temperature of 64° F / 18° C. As the ship approached the coast of North America, on this last full day of the cruise, there is a current that runs along the coast. Here we are in it. Compare the pictures of the sea below to those above. It is quite different. The big event for the early part of the day was the Disembarkation Talk. Later, the ship arrives in Ensenada, Mexico and at midnight heads the short trip up the coast to San Diego.

Sea 1 Nov 16 Sea 2 Nov 16
This certainly very different from yesterday.
View from the other side of the ship.
Sea 4 Nov 16 Sea 3 Nov 16
The bow wave from one side and....
....the other side of the ship.
Disenbar Talk 1 Nov 16 Disenbar Talk 2 Nov 16
The crowd gathering for the Disembarkation Talk in the Van Gogh Theatre.
Cruise director Susan getting ready to announce who Mr and Mrs Statendam were.
Disenbar Talk 3 Nov 16 Disenbar Talk 4 Nov 16
Sometime during the cruise two not related passengers are picked to be Mr and Mrs Statendam. The first person to ask them if they have been picked wins some prizes. The two here, from our table, won. The silver haired lady (Mary, I think) was Mrs Statendam and the other (whose name may be Shawn,) was the first to ask her if she was.

The gentleman on the left side of this picture was Mr Statendam and the lady beside him was the first one to ask him.

There was some confusion about just how and when this process occurred but it appeared to work out ok in the end.

Disenbar Talk 5 Nov 16 Disenbar Talk 6 Nov 16
After all the disembarkation information had been provided, members of the crew get together to thank the passengers for cruising with Holland America on the Statendam, in this case. This group sings a goodbye song. The people on the very front of the stage are the performers in the various Las Vegas style shows that were presented almost every evening in this theatre. The rest are select crew members representing all the various departments on the ship.
Sea 5 Nov 16 Sea 6 Nov 16
As the day progressed the weather improved and the ship came out of the current.
The last picture taken 'at sea' on the cruise.

The ship sailed into Ensenada harbour at 7:30 P.M. P.S.T. and docked at 8:00. When the ship arrived here it had sailed 2307 NM (2653.05 Statute Miles or 4267.95 Kilometres) from Kona, Hawaii to here.

I did not get off the ship here. I did take some pictures of what could be seen from the ship in the dark of night here. Here is what could be photographed.

Ensenada 1 Nov 16 Ensenada 2 Nov 16
A Carnival Cruise Lines ship was docked here when we arrived. The dock area with the city of Ensenada in the background.
Ensenada 3 Nov 16 Ensenada 4 Nov 16
The Carnival ship just setting sail. In the foreground is the garbage and recycling detail is starting to unload Statendam's garbage. A view of Ensenada without the Carnival ship blocking the view.
Ensenada 5 Nov 16 Ensenada 7 Nov 16
This is a view off the stern of the Statendam at the dock. There is a grounded ship in the middle of the picture that someone said had been there for many years. Here is the Carnival ship as it sailed out of the harbour heading for its next destination.
Ensenada 8 Nov 16 Ensenada 9 Nov 16
The departing Carnival ship further out.
The garbage truck is nearly full with almost fifteen days worth of cruise refuse.
Ensenada 11Nov 16 A final view of Ensenada before the ship sailed for San Diego.

The ship sailed from Ensenada at Midnight for the short four hour trip up the coast to San Diego.

Tomorrow: the arrival at, and first day, in San Diego.

Originally Created: March 9th and 10th, 2006
Last Updated: March 15, 2006