Vacation 2005
, November 10th, Vacation Day 13
The Cruise Day 9 - Hawaii Day 4 - Maui

For today and tomorrow the ship anchors off the ports of call, Lahaina and Kona. The ship arrived at the anchorage at Lahaina at 6:06A.M. after traveling 246 nautical miles (including the Na Pali Coast cruising). The weather was mostly sunny and at noon the temperature was 78 F or 26 C. As many of you who have taken cruises before know when at anchor the ship uses its tenders (or largest lifeboats) to shuttle passengers to and from the shore. I did not take any pictures of this process today but I believe (because I have not looked yet) that there are some that show this process tomorrow.

Todays activity is a tour called "Haleakala Crater and Maui Ocean Centre". It consists of a trip to the crater of the Haleakala Volcano which is just over 10,000 feet high. Then there is a visit to the Maui Ocean Center which is an aquarium. It is a bit different because it does not have any whales or the like as it has a mandate to not have any of this type of creature. There is a law in the State of Hawaii that forbids the capture or confinement of certain types of marine animals native to Hawaiian waters. More about the aquarium later.

The tour met in the movie theatre at 7:45 A.M. By the time the group of us that were going on this tour made it to shore it was about 8:15 as I remember. The tours have preference for the tenders. Then we set off for the crater first then the aquarium. The crater is at the opposite end of Maui. Here is the first group of pictures with start just after leaving Lahaina on the bus and up to the Haleakala Crater. Most of the pictures (if not all) that were taken out of the bus window have been colour corrected to remove the greenish tint that tinted bus windows add the pictures. I used the automatic level function again so it should be, and appears to me to be, very similar in colour to the uncorrected ones not taken through any window.

Mountains Near Lahaina #1 Outside Lahaina #2
Some of the mountains as the tour left Lahaina heading to the southwest. The mountains get smaller as the bus travels further to the southeast heading towards the Haleakala Nation Park
Sugar Cane Mill West end of Maui 1
One of the few remaining Sugar Mills. This one is located near Pu'unene in the centre section of Maui. The island of Maui runs approximately northwest to southeast. The northwest part looks like the head of a body with the southwestern part being the torso. Here, the tour is part way up the Haleakala Volcano in the middle of the torso looking northwest towards the head. More from higher up to come.
West Part of Maui #2 West End of Maui #3
Another view from higher. Lahaina is located just over the mountain approximately where the cloud ends on the left centre. Same few from higher again. You can see how the clouds have changed since the previous one.
Sign for Haleakala National Park Plant on Mountain 1
The entrance to the state park. There was a cost to enter. A bit farther along the bus stopped at the main Ranger Station. This is the same type of plant that I saw on the top of Mauna Kea on the big island four days ago. I still can not remember what it is called.
Plants on Mountain 2 Haleakala Visitors Centre 2
This is how these plants blossom and propagate. None of the ones on Mauna Kea were at the stage of development. They apparently die after this. After a lot of fancy driving the bus made it to the Visitors Centre at the top. The stop at the Ranger Station is because there are no washrooms (or very poor ones) here.
Haleakala Visitors Centre 2 Hazy Observatories
This is the minimalist visitors centre. The small print on the sign says "( House of the Sun) Elev. 9,740 Ft (2,969 Meters)" The University of Hawaii has several observatories here. These are mainly for studying the sun.
Crater 1 Foggy Crater View 2
When I first got to the crater this is all I could see. We were there for about 75 minutes. The numbers in brackets in the next pictures is the time the picture was taken all A.M. (10:31.) The clouds were constantly moving and as the time went on more became visible. (10:34)
Crater View 3 Crater View 4
Slowly more can be seen. (10:34)
A bit more in a slightly different direction.
Crater View 5 Crater View 6
It is getting better (10:39)...
and better (10:45)...
Crater View 7 Crater View 8
and better (10:47)...
still better (10:48)...
Crater View 10 Crater View 11
a bit better (10:49)...
about the same with a different orientation (10:50)...

Crater Composite

This is a composite of two images that is probably the best it got (10:52).

Crater View 12 Crater View 13
It started to deteroriate from here.
The mountain in the distance behind the cloud is either Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa on the big island. See map from Hilo page. Close the window to continue.
Western Maui From Top 2 Western Maui From Top 1
Here, from roughly the spot where the crater pictures were taken, is my bus (the left one) and the northwest (head) part of Maui. The northwest part from the top. Note how the clouds have changed again.
Western Maui From Top 3 Clouds on Way Down
The "head" again. The stop after lunch, the Maui Ocean Center, is located on the section of land on the far left centre just out of sight below the road. A view of some clouds from the bus as it started down from the crater. It took about an hour to drive down because of all the switchbacks etc. the road had to make.

We stopped for lunch after reaching the bottom of the volcano. It was in a small town, the name of which escapes me. After that we headed to the Maui Ocean Centre and spent several hours there. It was very windy by this time, down at ground level anyway. It certainly was not at the top of Haleakala. Here are some selected pictures from the ocean centre.

Centre Sign Centre 2
A sign for the center.
One of the tanks with various unknown (to me) types of fish.
Centre 3 Centre 4 (Jelly Fish)
I do not know what type of fish this is but he was really moving along.
A cylindrical tank full of jelly fish.
Centre 5 (Sea Horses) Centre 6 (Turtles)
A couple of seahorses.
Some sea turtles.
Centre 7 (Diver in Tank) Centre 8 (Manta Rays)
This lady diver was narrating what she was doing live through the wire you can see. The people were asking questions and she was answering them. A collection of Manta Rays along with numerous others.
Centre 10 (large tank fish)
A wide view of the largest tank there. I think it held something like 400,000 gallons of seawater. The tunnel that crosses the bottom of the big tank. The last couple of pictures were taken from this tunnel.
Centre 13 (More Turtles) Centre 11 (Haleakala Volcano)
Some more turtles, different ones I think.
What you could see, by this time of Haleakala from the ocean center. There was no clear shot.

After completing the aquarium visit it was late in the afternoon and the tour headed back to the ship. Here are some pictures taken on the way back.

Double Rainbow 1 Double Rainbow 2
As the tour returned to Lahaina it was raining in the mountains. Here is a somewhat rare double rainbow along with some window reflections. Here is another one with more window reflection. It shows a bit more of the rainbows.
Double Rainbow 3 Statendam at Anchor 1
Here is the final one. As you can see the outer bigger rainbow is almost gone and only about half of the inner one is now visible. A bit closer to Lahaina and on the other side of the road I took this picture of the Statendam at anchor off Lahaina.
Statendam at Anchor 2 This is the last of the tour pictures. When the Statendam originally anchored there it was parallel to the shore with the bow to the right (I think). Sometime during the day the wind changed and the ship had to change to this position.

The bus headed back to the dock where the tenders were departing and I headed back to the ship. The next group of pictures were taken from the ship. As you can see in the pictures above the ship is pointing away from shore which is westerly and it was drifting slightly side to side. It made some of the sunset pictures that follow difficult to get. As you will see, I think it was worth the effort.

Evening View of Lahaina 1 (Before Sunset) Maui Sunset 1
The coastline south of Lahaina. The Statendam and rainbow pictures above were taken from the road along this coast. In the distance on the centre far right you can just make out the Haleakala Volcano. (5:35) The next group of pictures shows the sunset of this day as it occurred over the island of Lana'i. This one taken at 5:36P.M.
Maui Sunset 2 Maui Sunset 3
The next one in the series taken at 5:38.
This one was taken at 5:40.
Maui Sunset 4 Maui Sunset 5
Next taken at 5:43.
Taken at 5:44.
Maui Sunset 6 Maui Sunset 7
Taken at 5:45.
Taken at 5:45.
Maui Sunset 8 Evening View Lahaina 2 (After Sunset)
Final one taken at 5:48.
Same picture as top left in this group only this one was taken after sunset. (5:57)

Not long after this it got too dark for any more pictures. The ship stayed here until 10:49P.M. when we set sail for Kona on the big island only 94 nautical miles to the east southeast.

There was another towel animal this evening. Here it is from two sides.

Towel Animal 1 Towel Animal 2

Actually, I think this one is a towel insect!!!

Tomorrow the cruise makes its last stop in the Hawaiian Islands. This is Kona, which is on the opposite side of the big island where we were this past Monday. The big event here is the "Big Island Helicopter Spectacular" an expensive ($369 US) but incredibly worthwhile trip. More about this tomorrow. Time for bed.

On to Kona and the "Big Island Helicopter Spectacular".

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