Vacation 2005
, November 9th, Vacation Day 12
The Cruise Day 8 - Hawaii Day 3 - Kauai

We departed Honolulu at midnight last night and sailed the short 92 nautical miles to Nawiliwili, Kauai arriving there at 7:16 A.M.. Nawiliwili is the seaport of Kauai and is located on the east side of the island just south of the airport. Todays activity consisted of the Kauai Grand Helicopter tour which left the ship at 10:45 A.M. (for me). There had been several earlier departures. We were only here for just a bit less than seven hours and sailed at 1:59 P.M. to see the Na Pali coast and then on to Lahaina, Maui later in the afternoon. We did not arrive there until 7:00 tomorrow morning.

The helicopter tour took a counter clockwise circle from the airport to the south, then west, then north (to the Na Pali coast), then a bit inland on the east side, returning to the airport approximately 55 minutes later. The weather cooperated and we got to see almost everything. Some of the earlier flights had to miss some of the sights due to weather problems inland. What follows below is the photographic record of the Kauai Grand Helicopter tour.

Helicopters on Ground Statendam from Helicopter
These are the helicopters returning from the previous flights. I went on the next flight in the one on the right (I think it was). Just after taking off we flew over the Statendam docked at its pier in the harbour.
Harbor Mountains South Shore Hotels 1
After passing the ship the helicopter flew through this opening in the mountains that surrounded the harbour. Once past the mountains the flight continued along the south shore of Kauai. This is the area where all the resort hotels are located.
South Shore Hotels 2 West Central Mountains
A closer view of some of the hotels. My cousin Elizabeth and her family were staying in one of these hotels along the coast at this time. After passing the hotels the flight turned inland and headed into the central mountains where the Waimea Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific is located. Here is the first view of it.
Wiamea Canyon 1 Waimea Canyon 2
Here is some more of the canyon along with some window reflections. It is quite colourful. This picture is not as colourful due to the sun angle but the colour is there along with the lush foliage makes it very pretty.
Waimea Canyon 3 North Coast Heli 1
Here the flight is leaving the canyon and heading for the north coast. Things are on an angle as the helicopter was turning at the time. Here is the north coast with the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Somewhere way way out there is Alaska.
More North Coast Na Pali Coast 1
The route of the flight went parallel to the coast for a short distance providing views like this and then turned out to sea and the next view. This is the Na Pali coast line on the north shore of Kauai. As you can see it is incredibly rugged. The next view is in one of the valleys seen here.
North Coast Helicopter from Above Na Pali Coast 2
Here is a close up view of what one of those valleys looks like. There is much weathering and erosion taking place here. These views are only possible from a helicopter because most of these valleys are only accessible this way. The rocks are volcanic in makeup and very hard so erosion takes time.
Na Pali 4 Na Pali 5
This view includes the pilot and one of the passengers along with the valley. This was the view on my side as the helicopter came out of the valley. Very impressive!!!
Na Pali 6 Na Pali 7
Another view of this very impressive coastline.
Here the route takes the group up over the cliff and somewhat inland.
Na Pali 8 Na Pali 9
The Pacific Ocean from above the coastline.
The route came back out to the coast much further up and these next few views.
North Coast 6 North Coast 7
A wider view of the right picture above.
Same spot, slightly closer.
North Coast 5 North Coast 8
An isolated beach on the northeast coast.
I believe this is the north east corner of Kauai.
East Coast 1 Waterfall 1
From here the route headed back inland to the central mountains where there is the greatest rainfall in the U.S. and one of the greatest in the world is recorded. It is something like 400 inches a year. With all this rain there tends to be lots of waterfalls. It had rained an hour or two before we got there so there were many to see. The next pictures show a number of these. These ones seem to be coming out of the clouds.
Waterfall 2 Waterfall 3
Here is another group from the clouds.
Not quite as impressive but still pretty good.
Waterfall 5
Back to the impressive ones.
Here you can almost follow the stream from the top centre to the bottom right.
Waterfall 6 Waterfall 7
Waterfall after waterfall kept appearing during this part of the flight. I did not get pictures of many of them, even though I have many waterfall pictures. This looks odd because the helicopter was turning at the time this was taken.
Waterfall 8 Waterfall 9
These ones really look like they are coming from the clouds.
A closer view of the left group of three.
Waterfall 10 1993 Hotel
The last of the waterfalls. This one had a name but I do not remember what it was. This one seemed to have the most water flowing of any. During the 1993 trip to Hawaii I stayed in this hotel on the east coast just north of the airport and harbour.
Heliport 1 My helicopter on Ground
Helicopter touring is a big thing in the Hawaiian Islands. This is the heliport at the airport. The helicopter I was in after landing from the flight. The flight was very impressive, just as I expected it would be.

After the flight I returned to the ship to have lunch and prepare for the 2:00 departure for the cruise to the Na Pali coast and then on to Lahaina, Maui tomorrow morning. At noon on the ship the weather was reported as mostly sunny with a gentle breeze and a temperature of 81F or 27C. It sure seemed a whole lot more than a gentle breeze when we sailed at 2:00. I think the harbour was somewhat sheltered from the winds. The first few pictures below were taken before and just after we left the Nawiliwili harbour.

Another Cruise Ship in Harbour Leaving the Harbour 1
Another cruise ship that was there at the same time as the Statendam. Here the ship is making its way out of the harbour into the relatively rough waters of the Pacific Ocean this day on the east side of Kauai.
Leaving the Harbour 2 Harbour From Cabin Window
You can see the waves breaking on, you guessed it, the break wall of the harbour. Here, out of the window of my cabin, the last view of Nawiliwili Harbour.
Airport from Ship Coast From Ship 1
The airport of Kauai, the name of which I cannot remember, again from by cabin window. This view, probably from on deck, of the east coast as the ship headed to the Na Pali Coast.

The winds on this side of Kauai were very strong at this time and I was forced inside which is the reason several of the pictures above were taken out of my cabins window. While in the cabin I took this chance to take some pictures of Cabin 578. Here are several of those.

Cabin 578 from Door Cabin 578 from Window #1
The view from the door. The light coming in the window made this view quite dark. The view form the left side of the bed by the window as seen in the previous picture.
Cabin 578 from Window #2 Cabin 578 Bathroom #1
The view from the other side of the bed.
The bathroom, needless to say.
Cabin 578 Bathroom #2 Cabin 578: Me in Bathroom Mirror
The bathtub, again needless to say.
A self portrait in the bathroom mirror.

After all of this we reached the north east corner of Kauai and headed towards the Na Pali coast line for an ocean view of what I saw from the helicopter earlier today. It was somewhat hazy so come of the colours were a bit off. Some of these were colour corrected using Adobe Photoshop CS2s auto colour correction function so that what ever corrections were applied were consistent. Here are some of these views.

North East Coast from Ship #1 North Coast From Ship #1
The northeast corner of the island from the ship. There is a resort (fairly exclusive I think) of some sort on the shore here. It would have a magnificent view.
North Coast From Ship #2 North Coast From Ship #3 (With Moon)
Looking easterly along the north shore in the direction we had come from and would be going back along later. The north shore with the moon way up near the top of the picture.
Na Pali Coast From Ship #2 Na Pali Coast From Ship #3
The first views of the Na Pali coast. You can see the haze I referred to earlier. Hundreds of thousands of years of erosion have created what you see here and in the following images.
Na Pali Coast From Ship 4 Na Pali Coast From Ship #5
The next three images roughly, but not perfectly, flow together showing a panorama from left to right. The fit is not good enough to make a composite image that would look correct. This is to the right of the previous image. It shows some more of natures handy work over the last few million years.
Na Pali Coast From Ship #8 Na Pali Coast From Ship #9
Further to the right than the above right image. I cannot remember exactly where this one is relative to the previous ones but it may be farther to the right.
Na Pali Coast From Ship #11 Na Pali Coast From Ship #12
Sometime around this time the ship made a slow turn towards the coast which lessened the effects of the haze so the rest are some better. Looking east along the north coast from roughly the point where the ship turned from a westerly course back to an easterly course.
Na Pali Coast From Ship #15 Na Pali Coast From Ship #14
As it got later in the afternoon the sun got lower and the shadows grew longer.
Longer shadows, less haze.
Na Pali Coast From Ship #13 Na Pail Coast From Ship #16
I suspect that this was a very old volcanic caldera but do not know for sure. The last of the Na Pali coast pictures for this trip. There were more, but I have probably used too many already. They are very impressive.

With the sun rapidly setting in the west (as it always does of course), which was on the other side and towards the stern of the ship, I headed over there for some sunset pictures. Here are some of those.

Kauai Sunset from Ship #1 Kauai Sunset From Ship #3
The sun sets, from a position just north of the island of Kauai. The sunset from deck 6 starboard looking towards the stern.
Kauai Sunset From Ship #2 Kauai Sunset From Ship #4
Here the sunset is framed in part of deck six, near the bow I think it was, looking towards the stern The final view of the sunset near Hawaii as it was on the evening of Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 at 5:50P.M..

With this sunset north of Kauai I end this massive photo record of my visit to Kauai. From here the ship headed back down the east side of Kauai and across the south side of Oahu heading for Lahaina on the island of Maui, the next stop, tomorrow morning at 7:00 A.M.. The rest of this evening was taken up with dinner, interneting and sleeping.

I almost forgot about tonight's towel animal. Here he is....

Towel Animal Nov 9th

I am not too sure what animal it is intended to be though???? I bet you it is a peacock!

On to Maui and the eight and a half hour Haleakala Crater and Maui Ocean Centre Tour.

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